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A Beautiful Mind

Is there anything more inventive than imagination?

A Beautiful Mind is a homage to the dreamers and discovers in the field of mixology, showing how an apparently clear and simple drink can deliver an unexpectedly complex blend of flavours and aromas.

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London to Venice.jpg

London to Venice

This drink represents a journey starting from London, through the aromas of Italian citruses, to end with the romantic touch of sweet flavours in Venice.

A true homage to Ago’s passion for travel across countries, cultures and their gastronomic heritage.


11 years of history of the Connaught Martini encapsulated in a show-stopping serve.

A cocktail that brings the essence and many variations of the original Connaught Martini together for an ultimate and futuristic liquid piece of art.

Connaught Bar Martini.jpg

Connaught Martini

Not just a cocktail, the Connaught Martini has become the icon of a fine drinking experience globally. This famed drink embodies the essence of Ago’s hospitality style, putting the guest at the centre of the cocktail making theatre. Stirred, not shaken, the Connaught Martini is mixed in front of the guest on its eponymous trolley and features bespoke aromatic bitters to tailor the drink to each guest’s palate.

Mulata Daisy

A cocktail that made a legacy itself, the prestigious Bacardi Legacy. Winning cocktail of the competition in 2008 was Ago’s recipe inspired by the Mulata Daiquirí, one of the most iconic Cuban drinks. Revisiting this serve through his passionate traveller lens, Ago’s creation builds on the pairing of chocolate and fennel to offer a unique flavour journey.

Mulata Daisy.jpg
Yellow Submarine_IMG_1691.jpg

Yellow Submarine

A truly gourmet cocktail. Researched classic ingredients are combined to give a noticeable explosion of flavours that develop across a layer of fragrances and aromatic notes.

A drink with a very good body, yet incredibly refreshing.

Set in stone

A cocktail that takes inspiration and shape from the Connaught Bar and its founding elements.

Inspired by the marble within the bar, this cocktail has been rested in a marble cask and features a stone-paper garnish for guests to add a personal touch to the experience.

Set in Stone.jpg

Sweet & Z

A tribute to another founding element of the Connaught Bar, its guests, Sweet & Z is inspired by two regular customers who are utterly different yet the best of friends.

One in love with strong drinks like the Negroni, the other fond of sweeter drinks like the Cadillac, they find harmony in their friendship exactly like Sweet & Z fuses the bitterness of Negroni with the sweetness of a Cadillac.


The bespoke non-alcoholic drink has been created to “capture the power of nature” in occasion of World Meditation Day.

Inspired by the benefits of meditation and natural properties of botanicals, Mindshine shows how mixology and mindfulness can go hand in hand.

Connaught Bar Copper &. Blue.jpg

Copper & Blue

Another cocktail inspired by the essence of the Connaught Bar surroundings, Copper & Blue represents the copper of the bar’s unassuming door and a cool blue for the wonders within it. Like an immersive travel, through its ingredients the drink takes you from the elegance of Mayfair to the exotic aromas of the tropics.

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